170 Million Reasons Why Taylor Swift Is the Richest Celebrity under 30

170 Million Reasons Why Taylor Swift Is the Richest Celebrity under 30

Can you imagine being the richest celebrity under 30 years old? What would you even do with $170 million from just one single year of your career? We guess we can’t blame Taylor Swift for throwing weird Fourth of July parties where she makes everybody wear matching outfits and such. She’s probably running out of ideas on how to spend her money.

The young pop star has just topped Forbes’ list of richest celebrities under the age of 30, earning more than $170 million in 2016 alone. She beat last year’s winners, One Direction, by about $60 million. Taylor Swift hasn’t released a new album in over two years, but thankfully for her her 2014 hit 1989 is still raking in the dough.

Her 1989 tour alone grossed $200 million in North America, contributing substantially to her high income. Likewise, advertisers love Taylor Swift (even if anyone who isn’t a preteen seems to love ripping on her), so her endorsement deals with the likes of Apple and Diet Coke are also a major source of moolah.

If it weren’t enough to beat every other celebrity under the age of 30 in wealth, Taylor Swift is also the richest woman in music period. She beat Adele, who came in second with $80.5 million for the year, by nearly $100 million. The competition isn’t even close.

This is even more astonishing when you think of the fact that Taylor Swift is competing with Madonna, Rihanna and the number one queen, Beyonce. Those were the rest of the female artists rounding out the top five for the year, all of whom Taylor Swift financially obliterated.

She could probably literally obliterate them, too, if she wanted to. At this point she’s got enough money to afford her own private army of pop fans and equip them with high-tech anti-Beyonce brainwashing equipment or something. Heck, maybe she’s already done that, which is how she keeps making so much money year after year.

In other words, good luck to anyone who tries to compete with Taylor Swift. It’s not gonna happen.