‘Rogue One’ Becomes Fastest-Selling DVD of 2017

‘Rogue One’ Becomes Fastest-Selling DVD of 2017

Out of all the Star Wars movies, we’ve got to admit Rogue One is one of our favorites. Sure, that may not fly with die-hard fans of the original trilogy. But we also know we aren’t alone in our love of Rogue One. (Don’t worry–we love the originals, too)!

In fact, Rogue One is destroying the competition when it comes to DVD and Blu-ray sales this week. It’s already the fastest selling DVD of 2017, and it might just manage to hold onto that record for the rest of the year.

It pushed Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them into the number two slot. In fact, Fantastic Beasts only sold 17% of what Rogue One did this week. In the first seven days of Rogue One‘s DVD release, it sold 661,000 units. A whopping 83% of those sales came from Blu-ray discs. Fans are obviously pretty excited to get the highest definition possible for all those spacey action sequences.

There are plenty of special features on the Rogue One DVDs that make it worth the purchase, too. In case you haven’t gotten your hands on your very own Blu-ray or DVD yet, here are some of the highlights.

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Some of the coolest alien designs.

Special Features

  • “Visions of Hope”: This segment shows that Rogue One‘s imagery was designed before the storyline even came about. No wonder it looks so good!
  • “Inside the Creature Shop”: This feature is only available on the Blu-ray versions purchased from Target, so shop carefully. It shows how the many interesting alien designs became realities.
  • “The Princess & The Governor”: How did they get young Carrie Fisher into Rogue One? It wasn’t easy, but this feature delves right into the process.

    What you won’t find on the DVDs are deleted scenes. Naturally, the more Star Wars content we can get our hands on, the better. So that’s the one thing that’s leaving fans a little disappointed. “Where are the bonus scenes?” they cry in dismay. Thankfully, there’s more than enough extra content to make up for it.