Beyonce is the New Reigning Queen of Instagram

Beyonce is the New Reigning Queen of Instagram

Sayonara, Selena Gomez! Beyonce has just overtaken the pop star as the queen of Instagram.

Selena Gomez previously held the record for the most-liked Instagram photo of all time. All it took was a simple post of her sipping from a Coke bottle. Of course, her lyrics were plastered on the bottle and it also happened to be an advertisement. Clearly the ad worked, though. It gained over 6.3 million likes.

Not only that, but Selena Gomez’s photo also racked in over 260,000 comments. That’s a whole lotta people showing her some love.

when your lyrics are on the bottle 😛 #ad

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Beyonce is Pregnant!

However, Beyonce had way more interesting news to share. Queen Bey posted a picture yesterday revealing some big information. She’s pregnant with twins!

In the stylish reveal, Beyonce is sporting nothing but underwear and a veil–and, of course, a baby bump. The numbers are still climbing, but so far the pic has over 8.4 million likes, far surpassing Gomez’s previous record.

The comment section is also going insane. So far, Beyonce and her husband have pulled in over 401,000 fan praises and congratulations.

Beyonce and Jay Z already have one daughter together. Blue Ivy has just turned five years old. Beyonce also had a big reveal for that pregnancy–she simply showed up visibly pregnant to a red carpet event.

Jay Z and Beyonce have been married since 2008. Some people speculated that there was trouble with their marriage thanks to some racy Lemonade lyrics. Clearly, they are doing just fine!