Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Tour Made HOW MUCH Money?

Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Tour Made HOW MUCH Money?

Leave it to the Beyonce to leave all other tours in the dust. So far this year, Beyonce’s “Formation” world tour has rocketed skyward to become the highest grossing tour of 2016, and it’s not even over yet.

As of mid-August, Billboard was reporting that the tour had pulled in a whopping $210 million in just four short months.

Beyonce Formation Tour

We would pay to watch this every day of the week.

Admittedly, narrowing down which tour was performing best this year was kind of a tough call for us to make because technically Garth Brooks’ World Tour with Trisha Yearwood has earned more money. However, they’ve had a head start because that tour started way back in 2014 and is miraculously still going. So far, that tour has grossed over $221.6 million.

Considering that’s just about $11 million more than Beyonce’s “Formation” tour has earned in less than a quarter of the time, we’re considering the Lemonade singer to be the victor here.

Plus, the “Formation” tour is just plain insane. Following the format of her visual album Lemonade, the stage features a giant rotating box known as the “Monolith” that rotates with each new chapter of the album. The Monolith is over 60 feet tall and has video screen walls.

Beyonce Formation Tour


If the stage alone weren’t enough of a spectacle, there’s of course Beyonce herself and her mad vocals and dancing abilities. Need we say more?

Of course we don’t, but we’re going to say more anyway because there’s never a good reason to stop gushing about Beyonce. It’s hard enough to pull off her dance moves, but she does it all in these miraculous outfits designed by the likes of Gucci and Robert Cavalli.

Beyonce Formation Tour

How does she manage to look this good all the time?

A reporter at The Guardian, Kelli Kennedy, reviewed the concert, and she was clearly on the same page as us and our love of the former Destiny’s Child member. “She sounds, moves and looks like a goddess and most of us ‘bow down’ accordingly,” Kennedy said.

It’s no wonder people are scrambling to get tickets to the “Formation” tour before it ends—nobody can resist Beyonce’s magnetic pull.