Dana Carvey Showcases Masterful ‘Micro-Impressions’ on Howard Stern

Dana Carvey Showcases Masterful ‘Micro-Impressions’ on Howard Stern

Actors are obviously very good at creating characters, but it’s a whole other ball game to be able to do impressions of someone else. Even more impressive are Dana Carvey’s micro-impressions, which are essentially just really short snippets of hilarity where he nails the voices of other stars.

On the Howard Stern Show earlier this week, Dana Carvey claimed that he does “micro-impressions just to amuse myself.” Naturally, his skills needed to be put to the test, and he totally impressed everyone.

In the clip, Carvey does a total of 17 celebrity impressions which left us speechless. Oh, and he did them all in under two minutes. Here are the highlights:

  • Christopher Walken failing to open a jar of peanut butter
  • Sean Connery responding to a vacation offer
  • Paul McCartney on Mars
  • Michael Caine as a toddler
  • Donald Trump starting World War III

Here’s the full video:

Maybe it’s just us, but it’s almost weird hearing Dana Carvey talking in his normal voice in portions of this video because we’re so used to hearing him act as crazy characters.

Carvey was appearing on the Howard Stern Show as promotion for his new Netflix special titled Straight White Male, 60, which became available on the streaming service on November 4.

Though Carvey is most known for his stand-up routines and his work on Saturday Night Live, he’s got another role that takes the cake in terms of popularity. Yep, we’re talking about Garth Algar from Wayne’s World and Wayne’s World 2.

Playing opposite Mike Myers, Dana Carvey’s role as Garth is remembered almost as much for his killer fashion sense (that was sarcastic…that mullet is ridiculous) as he is for his hilarious quotes, like when he casually mentions he may have found Bugs Bunny attractive when he wore a dress. Also, “She’s magically babelicious.”

Besides Wayne’s World, Dana Carvey had his own show for a little while in 1996 (appropriately titled The Dana Carvey Show) and also appeared on The Larry Sanders Show, Just Shoot Me and The Master of Disguise.