‘Walking Dead’ Star Sonequa Martin-Green Cast in ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ CBS’ Stream-Only Reboot

‘Walking Dead’ Star Sonequa Martin-Green Cast in ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ CBS’ Stream-Only Reboot

Trekkies, rejoice! A Star Trek reboot is coming, and we aren’t talking about more Chris Pine movies. We’re talking about a new TV show called Star Trek: Discoveryand Sonequa Martin-Green has just landed herself the leading role.

Star Trek: Discovery will be set just before the original series within the original timeline. For the first time ever, the series will not be focusing on a Captain like Jean Luc Picard or Kirk. Instead, Star Trek: Discovery will focus on a Lieutenant Commander, which was the position held by Data and Jadzia Dax.

Sonequa Martin-Green, best known for her role as Sasha on The Walking Dead, will play the focal Lieutenant Commander Rainsford. By choosing to follow a character in this position, many sources are speculating this could allow Star Trek: Discovery to take a different perspective from its counterparts and show off more of the bureaucracy.

However, fans of the original shows will also be happy to know Star Trek: Discovery will still focus on the exploration of space and new civilizations while working through more contemporary dramatic themes as well.

In a truly futuristic development, CBS will not be airing the new program anywhere on Broadcast television. Instead, it will solely be available on CBS All Access, a streaming service that’s meant to be in the vein of Netflix.

In addition to Sonequa Martin-Green, the other cast members are rounding out quite well. Doug Jones (The Strain) will be playing Lieutenant Saru, Anthony Rapp (The Knick) will be Lieutenant Stamets and Michelle Yeoh (Marco Polo) will portray Captain Georgiou. Several other actors have already been cast as Klingons.

Sonequa Martin-Green will will likely continue in her role as Sasha on The Walking Dead (pending any horrific accidents that might wipe her character out of the picture), but since The Walking Dead is currently between filming seasons, she’s got some freedom to focus her battle skills on outer space foes.

Her other credits include Once Upon a TimeNYC 22New Girl and The Good Wife.