‘Despacito’ Is the Most Streamed Song in History

‘Despacito’ Is the Most Streamed Song in History

If you’ve turned on a radio, streaming service, or really any sort of music playing device this summer, chances are you’ve encountered “Despacito.” The Spanish-language track by Puerto Rican musicians Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee has become the song of the summer thanks to a little help from Justin Bieber.

“Despacito” is now the most-streamed song in history, which is no small feat. Universal Music, which put out the original track and the Justin Bieber remix, announced the astonishing numbers.

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Here’s how many streams “Despacito” has raked in:

  • YouTube (Original Music Video): 2.6 billion
  • YouTube (Audio Only): 425 million
  • Spotify (Both Versions): 1.1 billion

In addition with a few other sources, the song has a combined total of 4.6 billion plays in just half a year.

The original version of the smash hit–sans Bieber–gained huge popularity worldwide. But it was Justin Bieber’s involvement that brought “Despacito” to U.S. audiences. Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge believes streaming helped the song pick up the pace.

“[Streaming] has opened up the possibility of a song with a different beat, from a different culture and in a different language to become a juggernaut of success around the world,” Grainge stated.”

We’re sure you’ve heard it already, but if we’ve got you in the mood to listen to “Despacito,” you can listen to the hit song here: