Elon Musk: The Inventor Who Can See the Future

Elon Musk: The Inventor Who Can See the Future

If anyone is capable of seeing into the future, it’s got to be Elon Musk. How else could he figure out how to make affordable electric cars while planning trips to Mars?

We’d like to think Elon Musk has some sort of hidden secret ability to time travel and come back to the present with updated technology. However, we’ve probably just got his massive intellect to thank. Musk has quickly become one of the greatest inventors and pioneers of the generation.

Musk was born in South Africa in 1971 (making him just 45 years old), and got interested in computing at the wee age of 10. Like something straight out of an 1980s film, Elon was the school nerd who was severely bullied and even beaten for his interest in electronics.

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Elon Musk is the closest thing to a real life Iron Man.

Lucky for us, he stuck with it. He received two bachelors degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. One was in physics, and one was in economics from the Wharton School of Business. He had just started a Ph.D. in applied physics at Stanford when he dropped out to pursue his entrepreneurial goals.

Then, his businesses started booming not long after he left. In 1995, Musk and his brother Kimbal started a software company called Zip2, and it was the first of their successes. They sold the company in 1999, with Musk receiving $22 million from the sale. From there, he had a string of involvement with companies like PayPal, SolarCity and Hyperloop.

Tesla Motors and SpaceX

One of his most notable companies is Tesla Motors, which he joined up with in 2004. The other is SpaceX, which Musk began in 2001. Now, we can spot Tesla cars everywhere. However, the electric sports car known as the Tesla Roadster only started hitting the streets in 2008.

Of course, electric travel is incredible–but space travel is even more interesting. SpaceX originally launched in an effort to regain public interest in space exploration. Musk originally focused on creating a functioning greenhouse on Mars. Now, it has evolved to a program that’s aim is to establish a full colony on Mars by the year 2040.

It’s no wonder Elon Musk has become a pop culture icon as well as a technology genius. He’s appeared in Iron Man 2, where he runs into Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) at a restaurant and has even showed up on shows like The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons.