Gary Sanchez Hits 493-Foot Home Run for Yankees

Gary Sanchez Hits 493-Foot Home Run for Yankees

Even with sports as old as baseball, there are still records to be set and achievements to be had. Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez just had quite an impressive home run that’s got everyone talking.

The Yankees were facing off against the Detroit Tigers earlier this week when Sanchez stepped up to the plate. The Yankees were already ahead and had one home run on their record for the night. Sanchez wasn’t under any pressure to go crazy, but he still blew everyone out of the water.

Gary Sanchez Home Run

Gary Sanchez’s moment to shine.

He ended up smashing the pitch a total of 493 feet, which is the second-longest homer hit all year. He came in second to Aaron Judge, who beat him by only two feet.

The Yankees ended up blowing the Tigers out of the water with a final score of 13-4.

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How’d He Hit It So Far?

The 24-year-old has an impressive record of hitting home runs. He really started kicking things into gear last year, when he reached 19 home runs faster than any other major league player. As for his skill with distance? Even Gary Sanchez himself doesn’t know how it’s happening.

“I had no clue it went that far,” he said of the run.


Total, Sanchez has hit 45 homers and 111 RBIs in just 146 games.