Hotline Stream: Drake Draws 4.7 Billion Streams to Become Spotify’s Most Popular Artist of 2016

Hotline Stream: Drake Draws 4.7 Billion Streams to Become Spotify’s Most Popular Artist of 2016

Must-Stream: Drake's Views (2016)

Must-Stream: Drake’s Views (2016)

Record sales–who needs ’em? In the age of the internet, the best measure of success (besides those coveted Facebook and Instagram “likes,” of course) is how successful you are on Spotify. That means Drake can probably just take the rest of the year off and enjoy rolling in the mounds of approbation his fans have thrown at him.

Spotify just released their yearly list of the most-streamed artists, and for the second year running, Drake has come in first place. This year, he accumulated a grand total of 4.7 billion streams on the popular music service. Last year, he had just 1.8 billion streams.

Spotify isn’t the only streaming service, either. Drake has also had a ton of success on other services like Apple Music, where his new album Views landed a billion streams on its own.

Speaking of Views, Drake also managed to gain a Spotify win with that as well. It was the most-streamed album of the year and home to the most-streamed track, “One Dance (feat. WizKid and Kyla).” Incidentally, that song was also the most popular breakup song of the year, so 2016 must have been pretty sucky for a lot of couples.

Maybe Drake even listened to “One Dance” when he split from the love of his life, Rihanna, earlier this year. If they would have stayed together, they would have made one heck of a power couple. Rihanna was the female artist with the most Spotify streams of the year with 2.5 billion streams, and her song “Work” becoming the 4th most streamed song.

Other artists who hit it big with Spotify this year include Justin Bieber, Twenty One Pilots, Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Adele, Sia and The Chainsmokers. Considering Drake already has plans for a collaboration with Kanye West sometime soon (pending Kanye getting over the whole hospitalization fiasco), it’s pretty likely everybody and their mother will want to listen to that, meaning Drake will have no problem securing his record for the third year in a row.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that he wins again, because anything is better than Justin Bieber winning.