Is the Most-Googled Actress of 2016 a Princess in the Making?

Is the Most-Googled Actress of 2016 a Princess in the Making?

When it comes to getting Google-famous, dating a royal certainly helps. The most Googled actress of 2016 was Meghan Markle, who just so happens to be the new sweetheart of Prince Harry.

The largest search engine in the world has just revealed who the most sought-after stars of the web were for the year, and many categories didn’t have a whole lot of surprises. Brad Pitt was the most searched male actor of the year, followed closely by Tom Hiddleston and Adam Driver, while Beyonce ruled over all fellow musicians.

However, Meghan Markle topping the list of actresses over the likes of Marion Cotillard, Daisy Ridley and Brie Larson took people off guard. In fact, many people have never even heard of her. The search inquiries surrounding her name gave a bit of insight into how she got so high on the list, though. They included things like “harry meghan markle” and “meghan prince harry.”

Sure enough, as great as Markle’s work on Suits is, it was Prince Harry who sent a tidal wave of interest her way. Rumors that the two were dating had been swirling for a while, but it was when Prince Harry confirmed their relationship and bashed the media for treating Markle poorly that she really gained steam.

Notably, many haters were under the impression that since Meghan Markle is half-black, that meant she’s not allowed to date a member of the royal family. Harry rightfully stood up for his girlfriend with a very public statement that called out “the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments.”

Luckily, Prince Harry’s family has been nothing but welcoming. Kate Middleton even expressed being very excited to meet his new flame and get to know each other.

It’s worth noting that it’s not just the women who get attention for whom they are dating. Tom Hiddleston’s search volume peaked in July, right around the time he was spotted canoodling with Taylor Swift. It just goes to show that Hollywood (and Google searches) are all about connections.