Jordan Peele Becomes 1st Black Director to Hit $100M with Debut Film ‘Get Out’

Jordan Peele Becomes 1st Black Director to Hit $100M with Debut Film ‘Get Out’

Critics, celebrities and even our friends can’t stop raving about Get Out. Comic Jordan Peele‘s directorial debut is not only terrifying, but provides really relevant social commentary at the same time. In addition to the praise, the flick is also making a good chunk of cash.

This weekend marks the third week Get Out has been out. It also happened to bring its total gross to $111 million, which isn’t too shabby. What’s more impressive is that Jordan Peele is now the first black writer-director to hit $100 million with a debut movie.

Get Out Jordan Peele

‘Get Out’ is filled with frights.

Unlike other horror movies, Get Out has maintained a pretty steady box office. Even though it was up against Logan and Kong: Skull Island this weekend, it only had a drop of 25% in receipts. Not only that, it was made on just a $4 million budget, so it easily recouped the expenses right away.

What’s really drawing people in to see the movie is the horror frights mixed with racial commentary. Not only is Get Out exciting and gripping, it delves into race dynamics in the United States as well. That’s usually not a subject that goes over extremely well in terms of box office receipts, but Jordan Peele navigated the waters perfectly.

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