Katy Perry Is the 1st to 100 MILLION Twitter Followers

Katy Perry Is the 1st to 100 MILLION Twitter Followers

If an artist doesn’t have a social media following, does she even exist? These days, that’s the sort of existential question musicians wind up asking themselves. But if there’s one star who’s not worried about the social reach of her music, it’s Katy Perry. She just became the first person to reach 100 million Twitter followers.

It’s perfect timing for the “Roar” singer. She released her newest album Witness on June 9, and the more followers, the higher the sales. However, it’s also a bit of a “chicken and the egg scenario.” Are people following Katy Perry because they love her albums, or are her albums doing well because they get high visibility thanks to her huge following?

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One way or another, Katy Perry probably doesn’t care. The overall message stays the same regardless–she’s the most popular person in the Twitter-sphere at the moment.

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She’s even schooling Justin Bieber, who has 96.7 million followers. In third place is Barack Obama, who has a following of about 91 million people on Twitter.

Official Congrats

Twitter itself posted a congratulatory message, making a play on Perry’s new album title.

Perry responded to their message (and cool video) with a humble thank you:

Later, she posted another message about letting her voice be heard. This time, it was more of a thank you to the fans who continue to listen to her.

Katy Perry is currently selling tickets to her new tour, which kicks off in September. Get your tickets here.