Kelsey Plum Is the #1 Pick for WNBA – Here’s Why

Kelsey Plum Is the #1 Pick for WNBA – Here’s Why

University of Washington alum Kelsey Plum is the number one draft pick for the WNBA. We could waste time explaining her greatness, but we’ll cut to the chase. Watch this video:

Sure, throwing long distances isn’t necessarily a requirement for basketball. But ARE YOU SEEING THIS?? It’s totally insane! At the very least, it’s a mark of her pure strength and athleticism to be able to throw like that.

The Stats

Alright, now that you’re as pumped about Kelsey Plum as we are, here’s what you need to know. She just finished her last season with the University of Washington with some impressive stats. In her senior year, she became the all-time leading scorer in Pac-12 history (that’s for both men and women). She was the first Pac-12 player to reach 3,000 career points.

Her prowess helped lead the Washington Huskies to a great year as well. They ended the season with a 29-6 record, with 15-3 in the Pac-12. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it as far as they’d have liked in the NCAA tournament. In the semifinals, they lost out to number two seed Mississippi State.

Kelsey Plum WNBA

We’d show off our guns, too, if we could throw like that!

When the WNBA draft came around, Kelsey Plum got snatched up right away. She’ll be heading to San Antonio to join the Stars, who picked her as the very first pick in the first round. Considering she averaged 32 points per game and even broke the NCAA career free throw record with 912 points, it’s no wonder.

But, seriously–can she maybe do some crossovers into other sports? With that arm, we’re curious to see how she would fare with a javelin.