Lady Gaga Saves the Day by Taking Beyonce’s Coachella Slot

Lady Gaga Saves the Day by Taking Beyonce’s Coachella Slot

When one GOAT steps down, another must rise to take her place. But fear not–Beyonce is definitely not gone for good. She just had to back out of Coachella due to her pregnancy, but Lady Gaga is going to make sure the show goes on.

Beyonce announced her pregnancy on Instagram last month. And she’s not just expecting one new baby, either. She and her husband Jay Z are expecting twins. However, that means she’ll be at least six months pregnant when she’s set to headline at Coachella in April.

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Gaga and Bey worked together on ‘Telephone.’

At first, everyone speculated that she would still go on. Worst case scenario, Beyonce could do the show seated and still slay, right? However, following the advice of her doctors, she ended up backing out of the gig.

Lady Gaga Saves the Day

It seems impossible to try to fill Beyonce’s shoes, but if anyone can do it, it’s Lady Gaga. The “Million Reasons” singer just had an incredible performance at the Super Bowl, so it’s no wonder the Coachella powers that be asked her to step in and save the day.

Lady Gaga will be taking over the headlining Saturday slots. Interestingly enough, she’s now going to be the first female headliner since Bjork performed in 2007.

After her Coachella gigs, Lady Gaga is kicking off the Joanne world tour on August 1, 2017. So if you already missed out on getting your Coachella tickets (and don’t want to risk getting them second-hand), you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see Gaga perform live later this year.

And don’t worry, die-hard Beyonce fans. The Queen Bey will still be back. She’s going to be headlining Coachella in 2018. We doubt any fans are worried about Beyonce’s funds, but just in case you are, you’ll be happy to know her insurance policy is still giving her a $1 million payout for the Coachella gig.