Michael Jordan: The Greatest Basketball Player Ever?

Michael Jordan: The Greatest Basketball Player Ever?

Would basketball as we know it even be remotely the same without Michael Jordan? Even kids who were born after Michael Jordan’s time in the NBA know his name. And with that name comes a reputation of total domination on the basketball court. Oh, and some cool sneaker lines, too.

michael-jordan-movesWho is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is a now retired professional basketball player. Widely regarded to be one of the greatest basketball players ever, he spent 15 seasons playing in the NBA through the 1980s to early 2000s.

He retired in 2003, but is still active in the basketball scene as owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

What teams did Michael Jordan play for?

During his NBA career, Michael Jordan played for two different teams. First, he played for the Chicago Bulls from 1984-1993 and 1995-1998. He took a brief hiatus from retirement to play with the Washington Wizards from 2001-2003.

How tall is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is 6’6″ and 216 pounds.

What were Michael Jordan’s career highlights?

Michael Jordan has achieved Most Valuable Player awards on five separate occasions and has received 10 All-NBA First Team designations. He’s played in 14 NBA All-Star Games and holds the record for highest career regular season scoring average with 30.12 points per game.

ESPN named Michael Jordan the greatest North American athlete of the 20th century in 1999, and he’s been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame twice.

What are Michael Jordan’s nicknames?

Thanks to his awesome slam dunk skills and ability to leap to crazy heights, he’s called both “Air Jordan” and “His Airness.”

Besides basketball, what else has Michael Jordan done?

During his 1993-1995 break from playing with the Chicago Bulls, he pursued a baseball career and signed a minor league contract with the Chicago White Sox. He’s also appeared in the movie Space Jam in 1996.

Of course, in addition to working with Bugs Bunny, he’s also responsible for Nike’s Air Jordan tennis shoes, which are still popular today.