Netflix Signs Deal with Bollywood Sensation Shan Rukh Khan

Netflix Signs Deal with Bollywood Sensation Shan Rukh Khan

More and more movie stars are crossing into television these days, and with quality programming like Orange is the New BlackHouse of Cards and Narcos hitting the small screen, it’s now wonder why. Streaming giants like Netflix are putting out more and more content, and it’s getting to the point that each episode feels like a mini-movie.

Netflix signs Shan Rukh Khan!

It looks like all of Netflix’s works with the likes of Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Chris Rock and more has caught the attention of the biggest movie star in the world. Netflix has just signed a deal with Bollywood actor Shan Rukh Khan and his production company, Red Chillies Entertainment.

The agreement will give Netflix global streaming rights to all the films in Red Chillies’ library in addition to any films slated for release within the next three years. There are already quite a few titles on the lineup, including Dear ZindagiOm Shanti Om and Happy New Year, so it’s already looking like it will be a positive payout for Netflix.

As for Shan Rukh Khan, though he may not be as well-known in the United States, Forbes has cited his international pull as making him the biggest actor alive. He still didn’t earn as much money as the top earning movie star of the year (that record went to Dwayne Johnson, who made $64.5 million this past year), he still managed to rake in an impressive $33 million.

Nabbing up a deal with Shan Rukh Khan will also help put Netflix at the forefront of streaming services in India, where the competition is getting more and more fierce among providers. Its main competitor in India at the moment is Amazon, which is offering a lower price point for new users but not as great of a selection. Having Khan on their side could help Netflix shoot to the top.

Considering Shan Rukh Khan is often known by his nickname “King Khan,” there’s a pretty solid chance this deal will get Netflix to be the ruler of streaming in India.