Peter Dinklage Proves Everyone Loves Him, Wins IMDb STARmeter Award

Peter Dinklage Proves Everyone Loves Him, Wins IMDb STARmeter Award

It’s already a big deal to have a film you’re in screen at Sundance Film Festival, but Peter Dinklage did one better. He also took home the IMDb STARmeter Award.

Each year, the Internet Movie Database (known as IMDb) gives out the award to actors who have consistently been high up on the STARmeter. The STARmeter chart measures users’ search behavior to determine who fans like the most.

Peter Dinklage’s role in Game of Thrones has made him a household name. On the hit HBO fantasy series, Dinklage portrays Tyrion Lannister. He drinks a lot. He’s crude. He also happens to be a complete mastermind. Naturally, everyone has grown to love his witty remarks.

His role as Tyrion has also helped him gain steam, and he’s been snatching up roles left and right. Some of his biggest movies include X-Men: Days of Future PastThe Boss and soon Avengers: Infinity War.

So far, only six other actors have won the STARmeter award. Peter Dinklage is joining the ranks of Olivia Wilde, Miles Teller, Jeffrey Tambor, Brie Larson, Bryce Dallas Howard and Felicity Jones.

In accepting the award, Dinklage gave a big shout out to the fans. “Thank you guys for making this possible. Because I wouldn’t be here without you,” he said. “So thanks for looking me up on the internet!”

Sundance Premiere of Rememory

Peter Dinklage IMDb

Peter Dinklage in ‘Rememory.’

As for his big Sundance premiere, it’s about as far from Game of Thrones as Dinklage could get. The movie Rememory focuses on a widow discovering her deceased husband’s invention that allows people to play back memories. The independent feature obviously had a much lower budget than the multimillions that are spent on Game of Thrones each season. However, Dinklage said the scope difference didn’t affect too much on set.

“At the end of the day, they’re very similar. They really are when you’re on a set,” he said. “On set, you’re dealing with the same issues you do on an indie movie.”

Regardless, smaller budget means the actors don’t get paid as much, either. “The salary’s a little different,” Dinklage jokingly quipped. Good thing he’s got two more seasons of Game of Thrones money to look forward to.