Pittsburgh Penguins Secure 2nd Stanley Cup in a Row

Pittsburgh Penguins Secure 2nd Stanley Cup in a Row

Winning the Stanley Cup is a big deal–but it’s an even bigger deal when a team wins it two years in a row. In fact, no hockey team has done that since 1998 until now. The Pittsburgh Penguins took home the Stanley Cup last night in a Game 6 victory over the Nashville Predators.

It was a close competition throughout the series. The Penguins started out strong winning the first two games, but then the Predators made a comeback. Games 3 and 4 went to the Nashville team. The Penguins came back with a vengeance for Game 5, winning 6-0.

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The celebration started on the ice.

Game 6 had both teams a little worried. The game stayed goalless until the third period, with the pressure to get one in the net growing on both sides. However, towards the end of the third period, Pittsburgh Penguins player Patric Hornqvist managed to slip a point in. Carl Hagelin followed after that, bringing the final score to 2-o.

Series MVPs

Captain Sydney Crosby took hold of the Stanley Cup as the celebration raged on. He also won the Conn Smyth Trophy as the most valuable player. In the postseason, he led the ranks with 19 assists. He came in second for goals, scoring a total of 27 points.

Goalie Matt Murray also deserves heavy praise for his performance. By the start of the third period, he had already stopped 56 straight shots in the series.

“The way we were able to get better with every series, that was a big thing for us,” Crosby said.

Needless to say, the celebrations are going to continue for quite some time.

“There’s been a lot of guys telling us we can’t do it, and now we’re standing here,” Hornqvist said. “We’re going to celebrate in Pittsburgh in a few days. This says a lot about this team. We’ve battled through a lot.”