Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr Inks Deal to Become Highest-Paid Player in History

Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr Inks Deal to Become Highest-Paid Player in History

It’s not ideal to get picked in the second round of the draft, but for Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, it paid off–majorly.

Carr was picked up by the Raiders back in 2014 in the second round. But because he didn’t make it into the first round, he wasn’t subject to the fifth-year option many teams utilize. That means he could negotiate his contract earlier than expected.

Derek Carr NFL

Derek Carr has a lot to celebrate at the moment.

And negotiate, he did. Several sources are reporting that Derek Carr signed an extension that will make his contract last an additional five years and rack him in $125 million dollars. This means Carr will get the highest per year salary of any football player in league history.

Considering he has some awesome stats to back him up, it’s not too surprising he got such a good contract. Last year, he completed 63.8% of his passes and nailed 28 touchdowns and just six interceptions. A broken leg cut his season short in week 16.

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Carr’s new contract will ensure he stays with the Oakland Raiders as they transition to Las Vegas.

Official Terms of the Deal Remain a Mystery

The official terms of the contract aren’t out yet. Rather, the info is coming from various leaks close to the source. However, Carr did post on Twitter that the business was taken care of.

This may be just the move the Raiders need to find a franchise quarterback, which is something they’ve been struggling with for several years. Regardless, Derek Carr will be a fun one to watch in the upcoming season.