Roger Federer’s Record 8th Win at Wimbledon

Roger Federer’s Record 8th Win at Wimbledon

Another Wimbledon has come and gone. And that means another win for tennis champion Roger Federer! The 35-year-old pro just won his eighth Wimbledon title.

Over the weekend, Roger Federer squared off against the Croatian Marin Cilic in the Wimbledon finals. Cilic knew it would take a lot to beat the established star. Sadly for him, he got a blister on his foot that started to inhibit his movement. Considering he needed to muster all his considerable skill to beat Federer, a little thing like a blister could be devastating.

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Blister or no blister, Federer schooled Cilic. The match lasted only an hour and 41 minutes. For Federer, this win helped cement his record at the top. He passed up American Pete Sampras and William Renshaw, who both had claimed seven Wimbledon victories.

“It’s very special to win eight titles. Wimbledon was always my favorite tournament, and will always be my favorite tournament,” Federer said. “My heroes walked the grounds here. Because of them I think I became a better player, too. And number eight obviously means a lot to me because to be part of Wimbledon history is truly amazing.”

Roger Federer Wimbledon

At this point Roger Federer’s name is practically synonymous with Wimbledon.

Back in 2018?

He’s not using his victory as an excuse to slack off, either. Roger Federer fully intends to be back again next year.

“I still love to play and my wife’s totally fine with it,” he said. “She’s my number one supporter. She’s amazing. And because I’m playing a little less, I feel like I’m working part-time these days, which is a great feeling.”

Heck, if he can win at Wimbledon when he feels like he’s working “part-time,” well, we aren’t worried about what he is capable of in the future.