‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Is Coming SOONER than We Thought!

‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Is Coming SOONER than We Thought!

It’s official: Star Wars: Episode IX has a release date! Disney announced a bunch of release dates for their upcoming films, but naturally the one everyone is most excited for is the upcoming Star Wars.

We have a while to wait, but here’s the big day: May 24, 2019! Yes, it’s a long ways away, but it’s still coming before the expected December release that the Star Wars movies usually have. The Force Awakens came out in December of 2015, while Rogue One followed in December of 2016. The Last Jedi is scheduled for a December 2017 release.

Things switch over to May releases when the Han Solo Anthology film comes out in 2018. After that, it’s the much speculated-about Episode IX.

Star Wars: Episode IX Details?

So what do we know about Star Wars: Episode IX so far? Not a whole lot, unfortunately. It’s the follow up to the upcoming flick The Last Jedi, so it will probably feature many of the same actors. Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Mark Hamill are all rumored to be on board. Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World, Safety Not Guaranteed) is directing.

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Daisy Ridley will most likely return in Episode IX.

There was some back and forth on whether or not the late Carrie Fisher would be appearing in Episode IX. Her family was under the impression that she had already filmed content for it before her death. However, Lucasfilm later clarified that the scenes she shot were for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

Of course, Star Wars: Episode IX wasn’t the only film to get some recent hype from Disney. Other movies that got release dates included Frozen 2 (November 27, 2019) and Indiana Jones 5 (July 10, 2020). There are many other big titles on their roster, including a Wreck-It Ralph sequel, A Wrinkle in Time, a live action Lion King flick and some big Marvel titles as well.