Werner Herzog’s New Movie ‘Salt and Fire’ Has INTENSE Trailer

Werner Herzog’s New Movie ‘Salt and Fire’ Has INTENSE Trailer

There are a lot of talented folks working in the movie industry, but some are downright scary talented. Werner Herzog, one of the greatest filmmakers alive, is making waves yet again.

Despite his career beginning all the way back in the 1960s, fans still anxiously await each of Herzog’s new works. Not only is he supremely artistic, he also isn’t afraid to delve into controversial subjects. According to noted film critic Roger Ebert, Herzog “has never created a single film that is compromised, shameful, made for pragmatic reasons or uninteresting. Even his failures are spectacular.”

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Simply the best.

With a reputation like that, it’s no wonder people are talking about the trailer for his latest movie, Salt and Fire. The film premiered in 2016 at the Shanghai International Film Festival and made it into the Special Presentations section of the Toronto International Film Festival. Obviously, those are good signs.

Now Salt and Fire has a brand new trailer out, so the movie is catching headlines yet again. It’s officially due out in the United States on April 7, 2017, so it’s time to pick up the advertising! And we’re not complaining–the trailer looks incredible.

Naturally, if you’re a filmmaker of Werner Herzog’s caliber, you’re going to need an insanely good cast to keep pace. He found that with Michael Shannon, Gael Garcia Bernal and Veronica Ferres. In Salt and Fire, Ferres and Bernal play ecologists sent to South America to investigate a disaster. When they arrive, a big shot CEO (Shannon) of the company blamed for the disaster kidnaps them. The tides turn when a supervolcano starts showing signs of an impending eruption. Then, the trio must unite.

Watch the trailer for Werner Herzog’s newest film here:

In addition to this movie, Werner Herzog is known for his stunning projects Grizzly Man, Cave of Forgotten Dreams and Encounters at the End of the World. These are all documentary projects, unlike his newest endeavor. But rest assured–Herzog knows his way around scripted content as well.